5 Diaper Basket Must-Haves


5 Diaper Basket Must-Haves

Category : Baby Care

1. Diapers. This is a given. I keep about 15 diapers of each size in there and have them separated into two piles so that I always have one for whichever daughter I’m changing on hand.

2. Wipes. I have one big tub of Huggies wipes and then just buy refills as needed.

3. Diaper cream. Happily, my girls have never struggled too much with diaper rash, but every now and again it’s needed for a day or two, and I’m always glad it is right there so I don’t have to go hunt it down.

4. Baby Powder. I use this mainly at night when they’ll be wearing a diaper for about 12 hours, and a bottle of it lasts forever! Plus it gives them that nice clean baby smell that I love.

5. A Bath Toy! When my baby started getting too wiggly to easily change a diaper, I added a bath toy to keep her occupied while I changed her. It’s like magic! It’s just the right size for her little hands to hold, and if it gets dirty during a diaper change, it can be rinsed right off.

What do you keep in your diaper basket?




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