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I coach babies to sleep through the night and teach them to sleep . Sleeping is a learned skill that parents need to teach their baby. It is as necessary and important as learning how to talk and how to walk. I have been practicing this for more than 10 years so confusion which goes along with being a new parent is not there.

It is a lot easier if there is someone who helps create a Sleep Training Program the parents can follow. Good sleeping skill develop by giving the baby an opportunity to learn to “self soothe” from the beginning.

sleep trainingLet me give you a couple of ideas what are the most important to understand.

The first and most important is how feeding and sleeping stages works from the very beginning.
I call the first month  “Angel month”.
This is the time when the babies are only sleeping and eating (they don’t need to focus to learn skills because they will sleep most of the time).
The only thing they need to learn is to eat every 2.5-3 hours not less then that, making sure they are eating a full meal instead of a “snack”.
The focus is on to teach them to have a full meals every 3 hours in a 24 hours period by 8 feedings/day. a feeding schedule will help them to master this quickly.
Why is important to eat full meals instead of snacks?
To avoid constant digesting what makes the babies’s stomach upset and sometimes  babies develop acid reflux. Babies have very tiny stomach about  the size of the marble at birth therefore they need frequent feedings.
The first month is all about basis baby care to get to know your child and have your baby on the right feeding schedule. Teach your baby to use the pacifier and eat well from the bottle , breast or both.

I call the second month “Reality”.
Your baby will be more awake and will be more curious about the world. That is the time when the baby needs to learn what is different between days and nights and start setting  up a daytime schedule to follow which allows the baby to start sleeping longer period at night.

The schedule are age appropriate what i custom made depending on the child physical development  age and weight.

Between 1-3 months of the age is the time when babies will have to learn to self soothe which involves fussiness and crying but if they are learning those skills from the very beginning it will be smoother then learning it later.

The key for successful sleep habits for all babies are to give them the chance  to learn all the necessary skills they need to put themselves to sleep.

Many of us not actually allow our children to get the critical sleep they need to develop an function property.
It is  not something we do on purpose.
•  we often do not think much of it
•  naps are missed bedtime are pushed back morning start early.
•  missing naps or going to bed a little late may not seem like a big deal, but it is.
It is all adds up with consequences that may last a lifetime.

Need to understand what sleep does.
Healthy sleep allows to the child and us to function optimally when they are awake.
Babies need a sleep to grow and develop.

Naps and play time a large role on healthy sleep

• learning
• developing
• focusing
and much more!

sleep trainingNaps at the different time of the day serve different functions
That is one reason why the timing of naps is important.

Baby who sleeps less in the daytime appear more fitful and socially demanding and they less able to entertain themselves also lack of sleep affect information processing,memory , learning and immune functioning and at night can also affect motor skills.

Baby who sleeps longer during the day have longer attention spans.
Therefor they more fun to be around , more sociable, less demanding and they can focus on learning easier and faster.

Sleeping have a major impact on the child’s
• emotional development
• learning skills
• how they function later in life

Children with higher IQs level in every age group study shows they all slept longer and had good sleep habit in in their early life.

Sleep is very important during the first 3 years.
• physical recuperation
• physical growth
• immune system
• brain development
• learning
• memory

Krisztina strongly believes from her years of experience working as an expert the most important things are
• develop regular daytime and bedtime schedules
• create an age appropriate sleep schedule
• encourage baby to fall asleep independently and to become a “self-soother.”
• babies’s need a consistent routine
• important to set up a nap environment (shade the room for daytime as well to help your child to focus on sleeping)

Please feel free to email me i am here to support you on this beautiful journey .

Krisztina Otvos

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