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image2Krisztina Otvos was raised in Budapest, Hungary and has lived in Los Angeles California since 2003. Her Elementary Education Degree and Certification in Early Childhood Development gives her a comprehensive understanding of growth and development. Furthermore, through her Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Training Certifications she has additional education specializing in newborn care. Krisztina working as a baby nurse since 2003.

Krisztina is a highly trained, CPR certified and professional baby nurse and sleep training specialist who assists you with your newborn as you adjust to your new role as a parent.She has over 50,000 hours of experience working with newborns ranging from premature to twins.

She enjoys teaching families, “Everything that their baby wants them to know”. Her calm and gentle spirit is an asset to the many family during a challenging time.She believes that newborns have the ability to “self-soothe” and will gradually stretch the amount of time in between feedings at night, if their environment allows them this opportunity.
Krisztina has successfully completed sleep training using the “self soothe” technique for many babies. She is giving newborn care support to families with multiple babies, such as twins or triplets. Having a professional in these situations can help reduce stress and assist your family to settle into a comfortable routine.

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You may also contact Krisztina for Newborn Care Consultation and for Sleep Training Consultation in Los Angeles (LA) and Orange County in California.
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