Dear future parents,

Very pleased to talk about how happy we are to invested in hiring Krisztina.
She not only put our twins on a schedule during the day, but she also trained them to both sleep though the night.
Krisztina taught us how important it is for them to be on a schedule and the results are amazing. My twins are less fussy, they love to learn,and now fall asleep on their own.
Krisztina gave us support and guidance during the sleep conditioning process.
Krisztina is also knowledgeable with baby products and made great recommendation. She was able to answer any of our questions, day and night. She was always on time,professional, and was such a pleasure to be around.
I highly recommend her service.

Uebelhart Family

testimonials As a same-sex couple expecting twins. We had an initial consultation with Krisztina and Helen, we looked at each other,we turned do them and said LETS DO IT….. Krisztina and Helen saved our lives, kept us on track. Helen
helped us during the daytime and Krisztina at night. We made a pact to give their program a try for 3 months Krisztina and Helen take their profession seriously and
show true and honest passion. If they have the time to
help you out, be blessed and grateful because you are getting experts who know their stuff. Our Boys were sleeping through 7pm-7am before they were 3 months old…all thanks to Krisztina and Helen. The Boys are coming up on a year now and we seriously couldn’t have made it through the year without our Girls.
Jonathan L.


I found Krisztina to be very consistent and diligent with the care of my newborn twins. We hired her for 5 months and follow her guide regarding to teach our babies to assist and keep them on the routine.She taught us techniques on how to feed them at the same time, soothing them, and established a sleep routine which at 14 weeks lead them to sleeping 11 hours.
I could not have survived without her. She shared all kinds of insider trade information from bottles to toys to sleep attire.
I was very happy with the results!
Yasmin K.


I currently have a 6-year old son who was very difficult as a baby. He screamed and demanded to be held nonstop, and did not sleep through the night until he was 14 months old. When my husband & I found out we were pregnant with twins, I was immediately overwhelmed with wondering how I would ever care for two newborns at once. Once we interviewed and hired Krisztina, my worries were gone. She took care of our twin girls f for 8 weeks.
She started the first night that I was home from the hospital. She is soft spoken, punctual and extremely professional. By 6 weeks old, the twins were only waking up one time during the night to eat at 4am. My husband & I couldn’t believe it. We realized that we had done everything wrong with our son. We didn’t swaddle him, didn’t put him on a set schedule, and overstimulated him before sleep time.
Krisztina taught me how to keep the twins on a schedule during the day to help them sleep at night. In addition, she taught me how to continue their sleep training on my own. The most important benefit was that the things she taught me gave me confidence as a mom. I was never confident when my son was a baby because nothing I did worked. Now, I have happy babies and a happy family. We are extremely grateful for all of Krisztina’s help and I highly recommend her.
Lindsey M.


image11Krisztina is extremely talented in what she does and I
have tough time sharing her but she has done all she can for our family. We currently have a 4 year old and we were looking for help with the twins we just had in October.
Thru multiple searches we came across Krisztina and knew she was what we were looking for upon our
first interview. We first hired Krisztina to help get the twins on a schedule and put structure in our lives because our first child was raised on demand and we knew if we attempted that with the twins they would end up running our lives.
At first we didn’t know what to expect hiring someone like Krisztina because we were not sure how we felt about someone helping us care for our infants. I know now I wish I would have had her help with our first child.
She did far more than just putting the twins on a schedule she made the entire experience more rewarding then work because she brings so much knowledge and knows how to address all the issues that infants face. She is also far more talented with doubles then singletons because she knows how to stay organized and balanced. I wouldn’t do it any other way, her knowledge and professionalism is amazing. It was sad the day she left because she became a part of our family. Although I knew once she got the twins sleeping thru the night and on a schedule she had conquered the challenges and needed to move on to her next adventure. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to hear more about what Krisztina did for our family I would be more than willing to share.
Kirschenmann Family


For the past 8 weeks, our family has been blessed to work with Krisztina as our night nurse. She has taken care of our twin boys and helped ease the transition of two new additions to our family of three.We couldn’t have done it without her! Krisztina is amazing at taking charge and establishing a routine. She is diligent and professional. We were so impressed how gracefully the boys adapted to new schedules that she established. At 8 weeks of age, the boys are thriving and sleeping 9 hour stretches at night, if not more. As a second time mom, it was a bit unnerving to have someone else care for my newborns, however, Krisztina made me feel secure and comfortable with our decision. She is extremely kind, gentle, and thoughtful. It is clear that she has immense knowledge and any family that is lucky enough to have her help will be so grateful in the end, just as we are.
Moore Family


image1I am writing this recommendation in regards to Krisztina , who worked with us in creating a daytime
schedule/routine for our newborn son. She started with
us when he was 5 weeks old, and had no schedule at all.
He was snacking all day (nursing except for one bottle
a day) and taking several cat naps a day. I was hesitant to change anything during the day because he was only
waking up three times a night to feed. I am so glad we decided to move forward with creating a schedule. Within two days, Krisztina had him on a 3 hour schedule and taking three naps. As for the nights, with the schedule change it actually helped. He went from waking up three times to only waking up twice within a few days, and now (4 weeks later) he only wakes up once.
In addition to the schedule, Krisztina also worked with us on the feeding techniques we were using. We thought we had a very gassy baby that spit up quite a bit; however, it ended up being how we were feeding him the bottle. She showed us a few tips/tricks and he no longer seems to have as much gas pains and does not spit up.
I highly recommend Krisztina. She is kind, thoughtful, and dependable. It is also nice to know that I can reach out to her with any questions that pop up and she is quick to respond.
Christine M.


Before Krisztina came into our lives, my husband and I walked around our son’s nursery for an hour or two depending on the night rocking and sometimes singing our six week old son to sleep. Only for him to wake up crying an hour later. As first time parents we were lost in many ways when it came to sleep and breaking bad habits.
Krisztina gave us our lives back. More importantly, I got my life back. I was battling a minor case of postpartum depression and some major sleep deprivation. Krisztina was sensitive to my situation, professional, and extremely punctual. Within a week we saw a significant difference. At 12 weeks he was free and clear of his swaddle and sleeping on his tummy through most of the night. Every week my son went through a different change. With Krisztina by my side, I was confident and excited about the changes rather than afraid and stricken with anxiety. My favorite part was when we would lay my son down awake and within a minute he began to sooth himself to sleep. I was never a regimented “schedule” person. I’ve always been a bit more of a free spirit and somewhat unpredictable to a fault. Ironically once I became a mom, I wanted some sense of control and Krisztina taught me the most effective ways to gain control in a very new and unpredictable environment. We owe Krisztina the highest respect. I trust her, and wish I had found her earlier. She will be the first person I call if I’m ever blessed with a second child.
Brown Family


Krisztina was a great help in transitioning our newborn twins into a routine and feeding schedule. She showed us everything about basic baby care to have our babies on the right feeding and sleeping schedule. She helped us for 8 weeks.
The most important part was she taught our babies to sleep using the self soothe techniques starting around 4 weeks of age.
We made a very good decision to invest to have someone professional to teach us how to handle all situation what came across.
Krisztina also was very quick and receptive to our questions when she was not here. She is wealth of knowledge in dealing with multiples and her sharing of her experience and suggestions was invaluable to us.Highly recommended Krisztina’s service for any new family’s.
Shelby Family



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